Dr Mais can provide consultations on reducing the appearance of wrinkles

Dr Mais is a highly trained & skilled professional, who is passionate and committed to
delivering exceptional results offering treatment solutions both for cosmetic and medical needs.
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About Dr Mais

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Professional Service

Dr Mais has a unique approach which has an overarching commitment to delivering enhancements that appear effortlessly natural. Using techniques to accentuate individual features with subtlety to ensure facial harmony is her goal.

Certified Expert

Graduating in 2010, Dr Mais offers her extensive experience across medical specialties to provide a holistic and individual approach to aesthetic treatments.

Dr Mais Aesthetics Clinic

Customised solutions to meet your individual goals, taking into account any pre existing conditions, and health concerns.

Why Choose
Dr Mais

Dr Mais cares about individual outcomes, and every persons individual journey to skin confidence.

Safe Treatments

From your initial consultation, through to pre and post care your procedure is a within a safe space, located at the first Safe skin clinic in Australia, inside Skin Correctives Shellharbour.

Continuity of Care

Dr Mais is a general practitioner with a passion for Aesthetic’s.

Accessible & Friendly

Dr Mais makes herself completely accessible. Your treatment and and patient outcomes are paramount.

Dr Mais patient consult

What happens at my first appointment?


On arrival you will receive patient consent forms digitally, to review. At this stage, this will include all relevant medical history and pre existing conditions to be provided.

Custom Plan

Once reviewed, Dr Mais will review your skin, goals and provide a comprehensive plan of what she believes in her expertise is the best solution. This can often be a staged approach, to ensure you get the results in the safest and most natural way.


Once you have completed all the relevant post checks, both Dr Mais and you will agree on your treatment plan. The treatment will commence. From initial consult to end of procedure, the timeline is normally around 45 mins to 1 hour.


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