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I am Dr Mais, the founder, and female lead behind Drmais.com.au

A little more about me:

I am a Specialist General Practitioner with a keen eye and passion for aesthetics.  I relocated from the UK to the Illawarra in 2018, where I now permanently reside.

founder / DRMAIS.COM.AU

Dr Mais

I am proudly now approaching my 14th year as a doctor. Locally I am currently a GP, based locally at Jamberoo Surgery, alongside my clinic Drmais.com.au located in Shellharbour, inside Skin Correctives. I obtained my medical degree from the University of Leeds in 2010 and subsequently completed my GP training in 2015, both in the United Kingdom.

I hold postgraduate qualifications in medical education, children’s and women’s health, coaching as well as aesthetic medicine, which I have an underlying passion for.

As a mum of two, I appreciate the importance of rejuvenating the skin, and the changes that we face as we age.  With my honed experience as an aesthetic practitioner both in the UK and Australia, I have developed my skills of using different techniques to suit each individual. I pride myself in having a caring nature, and I am told I am well liked by my patients, even when some treatments are causing some discomfort.
I look forward to helping many other Women, and Men from across the Illawarra region. 

Why Choose
Dr Mais

I care about individual outcomes, and every persons individual journey to skin confidence.

Safe Treatments

From your initial consultation, through to pre and post care your procedure is a within a safe space, located at the first Safe skin clinic in Australia, inside Skin Correctives Shellharbour.

Continuity of Care

Dr Mais is a highly skilled and qualified professional, which means no zoom meetings with a Dr offsite pre treatment, and no script fees.

Accessible & Friendly

Dr Mais makes herself completely accessible. Your treatment and a successful outcome does not stop at the end of your injectable session.


To provide an Illawarra based Dr Led clinic, focused on providing varying treatment solutions through to treating medical conditions. My goal is for DRMAIS.COM.AU to set the standard for a clinic experience that is accessible and welcoming to all.


To support & encourage Women, Mother's and men who are looking for support through finding their way towards skin confidence. To be accessible to minority groups in life & in business, including but not limited to Women, the LGBTIQ+ community, Indigenous, and individuals with disabilities and medical conditions that I am able to provide treatment solutions for.

Looking for inspiration?

Unfortunately under the new guidelines we are unable to advertise real life before and after patient outcomes, and I understand this makes it difficult.

Please book your initial consultation and we can review realistic outcomes suitable for your own personal goals together.