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Please note due to recent mandatory regulation changes under the TGA we are unable to provide specific details in or around treatment products, specifics and examples.

I understand this can be difficult for individuals to then understand what is available and what treatments may be of interest to meet your existing concerns.

Rest assured, the absolute best course of action is to book in for a free initial consultation, to review and understand in person the specific products, treatments and protocols, and to make an informed decision.

What does Dr Mais offer

Customised solutions to meet your individual goals, taking into account any pre existing conditions, and health concerns.

Why Choose
Dr Mais

Dr Mais cares about individual outcomes, and every persons individual journey to skin confidence.

Safe Treatments

From your initial consultation, through to pre and post care your procedure is a within a safe space, located at the first Safe skin clinic in Australia, inside Skin Correctives Shellharbour.

Continuity of Care

Dr Mais is a highly skilled and qualified professional, which means no zoom meetings with a Dr offsite pre treatment, and no script fees.

Accessible & Friendly

Dr Mais makes herself completely accessible. Your treatment and a successful outcome does not stop at the end of your appointment.

Dr Mais patient consult

My goal is for you to be comfortable in your skin.

My clinic can provide consultations on reducing the appearance of wrinkles and other cosmetic and medical solutions, within a Dr Led certified Safe Skin Clinic 

No GP Referral is required, however an initial consultation is required.